Day 07 – 27 August – more rain!

Day 7 – 27 August – Patong Beach

Another rainy day today.

Last night we decided to go into the Italian restaurant at the front of the resort because of rain, instead of going up the road to get lobster. The meal was lovely.

We went across the road to the laundry and Dougie paid a girl who was trying to sell massages, 100 baht to go up the stairs to collect our laundry. Apparently there s only a bit of a bamboo rail to get upstairs. Dougie said I wouldn’t make it up there! As soon the young fellow in the shop next door saw him give they money, he said he would have done it for 50 baht! I think we will give the laundry to the hotel even though it is a little bit more expensive, Dougie won’t be taking his life in his hands to deliver it!

We had an early night….I was starting to fall asleep reading.

We got up about 8 am this morning, had a coffee, showers and over to breakfast. Raining, then a huge downpour! We waited for the rain to ease off before coming back to our room. We decided we would have a massage as the weather is so bad. It is after 10 and they supposedly open at 10…..but are closed! We shall see what happens and when we can get one!

Woo hoo! An hour of oil massage, which is a combination of aromatherapy and Thai massage..awesome and 250 baht each ($7.50). I think am going back tomorrow for the Home Spa Menu Special discount! 1,250 baht which is about $45 for 3.30 to 4 hrs! Their maths is a bit out! See what the weather is like.

This afternoon we have been sitting out under the awning on our balcony. It has been pouring and we can’t do much else. There are some children from Qatar with their nanny and the children are having a ball in the pool and in the rain. Probably not much rain in Qatar!

Can’t complain, have to make the most of the holiday. You can’t pick the weather.

Dougie was going to the Aussie Bar to watch some football, but I think he has changed his mind. I was never going! He wanted me to meet him there. Not happening in this weather. We will probably eat in the restaurant at the resort or at the Italian. No point walking anywhere in this rain. LOL. We could buy some ponchos…..but I think not.

I just hope it is finer when the rest of the group arrives. LOL

Pineapple tree swaying in the breeze!

The men still work sweeping pressure washing around the resort in the storm!

Having a drink on our ground floor balcony!

The nanny watching the children in the pool in the rain!

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