Day 05 – 25 August – Aussie Bar and Masssge

Patong beach resort – overcast, but nice

Another Dougie wake up time, just after 7 am! Some things never change LOL

I had a coffee and decided I would go for a swim. It was very overcast, but in I hopped, and it was beautiful. I took my laminated exercise sheet wi me, but not my glasses! I guessed what I had to do and swam around doing breast stroke for a bit, then in for a shower and off to brekky!

I took some and a bit of video footage of the beach and para sailing.

Then Dougie left for the Aussie bar to watch football and I am relaxing and blogging.

I have changed my blog address and seem to have sorted this out in a better way, particularly with photos. Will send this new address off to everyone!

I have just had a phone call from Jasmine – her sister is now picking me up at 3 pm. LOL…

I then went over to the restaurant and had a prawn and aaragus stir fry and a glass of wine and watched the world go by.

Sure enough the lady was there to pick me up as planned and took me to her massage shop, which just happened to be next door to the restaurant from the other day! Off to a different massage shop where I had a facial, manicure and pedicure, except for the toenail paint. Then off across the road to the other shop where I had the full body coffee bean scrub followed by an oil massage. How pampered did I feel! All for 1750 baht. I gave them 2000 baht, which Dougie tells me is about $60 Australian. It was well after 6 pm when I was dropped back home, and Jasmine called in to see me! LOL

Dinner and talk to Dougie who had arrived back around 3 from visiting both the Aussie Bar and Stumble In Bar. He thought I must have gone shopping! Not this little duck, I was exhausted, but a nice exhausted!

Off to bed after dinner….

Photos from today

The flowers in our room
view from the breakfast table
a young man cleaning the beach
and a timer photo of yours truly taken back in the room, testing my tripod!


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