Day 03 – 23 August

Day 3 Patong Beach

I felt much better after a good night’s sleep. I apologised to Dougie for not being more appreciative of where he had chosen etc. This resort is older but lovely. I was nearly annoyed this morning when I couldn’t find a hair dryer… But a trip to reception by Dougie and there is one here.

The history of course is that I didn’t bring any moisturizing lotion, hair dryer, shampoo conditioner to keep my luggage light so when some of the items weren’t here I was a little upset! Anyway, all good….there is a shampoo, no conditioner, but I can live with that!

Off down to breakfast which was the buffet style and very nice, overlooking the beach.

Then off for a walk around and back to wait for Jasmine our tour organised from last time. She was so sweet, arrived with a couple of bottles of white wine for me. We had bought her a few drinks last time we were here.

We have booked a tour for tomorrow night- Siam Niramit. We saw this show in Bangkok and this is new to Phuket, so we are going to it. We will go with Dan. Nick, Steve and Donna again either here or in Bangkok. We also booked Fantasea another show. Jasmine was so happy withe bookings.

We invited her to lunch, so off in a taxi to get her car (no parking here) and then to her sister’s restaurant. Lovely meal and at a place we would never have chosen. Tried some new fruit and some sauce with Chilli in it, like a dressing. Nearly blew my head off. We laughed and Jasmine got some water for me! I then tried the sauce minus the Chilli, very nice. Then I tried a bit of Chilli without the seed….much better. Lol

Her sister also does massage, so the sister is picking me up on Saturday and I am having a full body massage plus coffee bean scrub and a pedicure!

We also have brochures for other tours etc and day spa and she will organise a city tour with a special trip to see gold if we want and the zoo where there may be some baby tigers…..

We had a drink then a rest this arvo. It has been raining since we got back from lunch. Off to happy hour….a hard life but someone has to do it!

Dinner was tiger prawns with cashews an fried rice. Yum!

Photos on this overcast day




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