Day 25 – 15 September – Saturday

Oh dear….last day. Mixed feelings as I want to get home and yet sorry to leave Raffles and Singapore. It is a lovely city, and Raffles is divine.

We missed Wills and Kate although we did see all the police cars here when we were doing the city tour. I think it would have been bedlam if they were here when we stayed!

I have just moved outside the room. Was sitting quietly then the blast of car races. Dougie found them on his iPad. I may have created a monster! LOL. It is beautiful out here. Not too hot, listening to the sounds of the occasional birds.

We all got together for breakfast which was so nice. Donna and Steve are off to the markets, Dougie is having a rest and Dan and I are going to Louis Vuitton in a little while here at Raffles to check out the wallets. We are just going to soak in the atmosphere here. We both love it.

We have to check out at 12 noon, but we have Dan and Nick’s room until 3 pm which is great. We then are being picked up around 5 to go to the airport for our 8 pm Singapore flight home, arriving around 5 in the morning Aussie time.

I am disappointed about thr photos. Not sure what has happened as I have deleted heaps off my iPad yet they will come up on Doug’s. It is just too time costly to try and do it all from his when I have mine set up for the blog…..should have brought the MacBook!

So this is it for today. Will add photos when I get home.

Can’t believe it is nearly over…..probably another champagne or Singapore Sling before we depart..

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