Day 23 – 14 September – Friday

Sleep in this morning and down for breakfast. No meeting for breakfast, just whenever everyone decided they wanted to go.

We leave the Novotel around lunchtime and head for Raffles and High Tea at 3.00 pm. We are all looking forward to that.

Oh my goodness. What a place. We came to Raffles for high tea last time we were here. Staying here. WOW. The suite is gorgeous. Photos will come when I get home, unless I can am age something tonight!

We had a Singapore Sling each on arrival and some nibblies. I think that was the surprise Dougie was talking about. Someone’s daughter works here I think.

We went for a walk around the shops, had a drink (Champers for Dan and I – $40 a glass – her shout!) then off to High Tea. Another glass of Champers – this came with the high tea and food. Yum. It was so good.

Dougie and Steve went for a rest, the kids went off shopping and Donna and I went for a quick browse and then back to our suite for a rest. LOL

I am sitting outside writing this. Dougie is freezing me to death with the air conditioner inside! The lights are on and I am sitting at my own little glass top cane table. Ah the life!

The kids just raced back as we were to meet at 6.30 pm but they hadn’t done Louis Vuitton so off they went. Dan is in shopping heaven!!

I am not going shopping tonight. I am all shopped out, being a non shopper usually. We will come back here (Singapore) with a plan to shop and have some rest times in between! It is such a beautiful place, clean and we feel safe walking around.

We leave tomorrow evening for home arriving some time Sunday in Wagga Wagga.

No doubt there will be more shopping before we leave for the airport! And more at the airport! LOL

11.30 pm

What a day. I just had a bath and have filed and painted my nails. This as after the Euchre tournament! We had some wine and cheese whilst playing cards. Dan and Donna went to the shops to have a look and brought it back for us. They were going to go to some other markets but they shut at 10 pm…..they thought it was midnight!

So it is off to sleep in a little while and then up for breakfast around 8.15 am….

Good night!

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