Day 21/22 – 11/12 September – Tuesday/Wednesday

Tuesday 11 September

We arrived in Singapore in the early evening after a nice flight. I was in a wheel chair for transfer on and off the plane. Back and hip playing up.

We arrived at our hotel, the Novatel Clarke Quay which is lovely. Dougie decided for some reason to pull on a tile in the bathroom which looked to be something with hinges….not….. The tiles fell off the wall! He phoned reception and off wecwentvout for dinner. We had Chinese which was yum and then home to a note under the door to say we need to change rooms! So off we went into our new room!

Alarm was set for 7 am in the morning for breakfast and the start of the day….

Wednesday 12 September

Down for an early breakfast and onto the hop on/ hop off bus. This gave us an idea of where we wanted to go. We got off at China Town and did some shopping amd then back on the bus back to the hotel to drop our purchases off, and have some lunch, then back on to the bus to go to Orchard Road for more shopping. After shopping off to the Singapore Flyer which was great. All enjoyed it, even me more this time. I was really scared last time! Then on a boat cruise on the river which was free with the bus ticket. It was lovely. Then a walk around and Mexican for dinner. Dan and Nick continued on looking around/shopping, but Donna and Steve and Dougie and I came home to go to bed… checking emails, writing this blog, uploading photos to Flickr so that I can delete some off the iPad and load more on and up on to this blog.

So good night all…..tomorrow will come round quickly….and another full day/night ahead of us….LOL

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