Day 02 – 22 August

Sydney to Phuket

Up at about 3.45 am – well Dougie was. I followed aroun 4! Into the car and off to the airport and and straight into the staff parking! I have to say the signs weren’t very clear, and when we finally got out we found the Avis return area.

We were early and Singapore Airlines were late in opening, but it was a painless exercise getting through customs. I had loaded all my liquids into my baggage. My back and hip were a bit sore, so when I went to thr ladies, Dougie told them I was having trouble, so we were first on board!

The flight was good, the food good and the pain relief kicked in, so all was good.

View from my seat in the plane!

I am sitting at Singapore Airport writing this waiting for our connecting flight to Phuket. Singapore is a beautiful airport and city. Looking forward to stopping off there on our way home.

Dougie at Singapore airport.



The fish in the pond and orchids at the airport.

We arrived safely in Phuket and to our hotel. I was extremely tired and sore and whingey and not grateful for what Dougie had done for us. I went to bed Before I said too much and be too horrible.

The photos below are inside and the view from outside our room. Pretty good!





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