Day 19/20 – Sunday/Monday 9/10 September

Saturday continued!

We ended up going up for dinner on the roof top dining area, minus Dan. She got sick. The 5 of us had a lovely dinner, then it was off to bed. So far Steve hadn’t been sick!…..this would not last.

Sunday 9 September

We met at 9 for breakfast and sure enough, Steve wasn’t with us, he was now the last to go down with the same as we all have had! Dan came down for breakfast and we thought she was ok.

The idea was to go shopping, Dougie still felt sick, so Donna, Dan, Nick and I went on our adventure. We found the MBK shopping centre and looked around a bit, then Nick took Dan back to the hotel. She must have been sick not to be able to continue to shop!!

Donna and I wandered around and Nick came back to meet us. I finished off what I wanted to buy and we just wandered. We then found our way to the Paragon where all the designer shops are and were amused to see a line up into the Louis Vuitton shop! They only let so many in at a time!

We came home – walked – I only had to use the walking stick for the stairs, and managed over 14,000 steps for the day, over 10 klms walked!

Donna, Nick and I stopped at the sushi bar in the hotel and I have now discovered Miso soup. Yum! And wasabi which is hot!

Dinner was at bar Eleven in the hotel, minus Steve!

Monday 10 September

Happy birthday Bailey, our youngest grandchild who turns 2 today!

Our last day in Bangkok!

We all had breakfast together this morning. YAY. Dan and I had booked for a 2 1/2 hour spa treatment, massage, facial and full body scrub. It was awesome! Steve, Donna and Nick went stopping, Dougie found a massage place close to the hotel, much cheaper than what Dan and I were having!, and had a massage. We met for lunch, then off shopping minus Steve. He was tired from the morning expedition! Steve is on crutches, so he did extremely well! We we thin 2 tuk tuk’s. What s ride!

Dougie, Nick and Donna came home before Dan and I, we did a little more shopping, had an ice cream and started to walk back. Not sure if we were going the right way, ended up paying more for a tuk tuk than we should have, but managed to get back to the hotel!

A bit of a rest, then down for a snack, and off to Calypso, the lady boy show. Dougie and I had seen it before, but the others hadn’t. It was great, in a new bigger venue. Off home, a night cap in bar eleven where there was live music and then all off to bed!

I can’t seem to get my photos onto the iPad at the moment. They will come. LOL

Tomorrow afternoon, Singapore here we come!

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