Day 18 – Saturday 8 September

We received a phone call from Dan and Nick was not good, vomiting a d diahhorea savagely all night. He was bringing up black stuff. She was going to take him to hospital, I suggested phoning the doc, which she did. He suggested she take him to hospital, but Nick said he would see how he went.

Donna wasn’t too good, but better than Nick. We went down to breakfast – Dougie, Steve and I. Donna wanted to stay if Nick was staying. We had to leave as we were well. Long and short of it – Dan came down, Nick was feeling better, so the decision was made to all leave for Bangkok!

The flight went off well. Steve and I were on the plane as priority passengers – he with his crutches, me hobbling along…without the walking stick…just! It was great. It got better….at the other end we were taken off separately and into a lift and wheelchairs to the terminal! I hate having to do this, but my back/ hip are playing up. I have only used the walking stick once, but it is good to have just in case. I will be doing hydrotherapy when I get back home. I have the exercises with me, and do them some days when I get into pool. The weather hasn’t been great for the pool. Actually today has been the best day, and we have been travelling!

So here we are at the Siam@Siam Hotel in Bangkok. The two patients made it! I feel so sorry for them as having had the same thing, I couldn’t have travelled when I first started being sick.

The trip from the airport took over 30 mins but we had a running commentary from the tour guide???? Any way, he booked us in, sorted our rooms, organised an adjoining room between Donna and Steve and us, one room with twin beds! Not happy! So all sorted, and we all have king sized beds, non smoking!

I love this hotel. We stayed here when we came with Steve and Libby And family in April/May.

Plans for this evening…we are meeting at 6 pm to see what we will do.

Being on holidays and being sick is not cool!

We have our own Internet login’s so hopefully some photos soon.

We have 3 nights here.

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