Day 17 – Friday September 7

We had breakfast, but Donna wasn’t feeling well, and Nick didn’t eat much.

Dougie felt sick and didn’t come into town. So off the 5 of us went in a taxi to the Jungceylon. We wandered around, looked at some bits and pieces, then Dan and I went to the markets to get the things I wanted. When we came back, Donna had gone home in a taxi. Nick had a bit of a wander around, he wasn’t feeling well, and so Dan, Steve and I had a snack.

Dan and I went off and she had a massage and I had a pedicure spa….great!

We returned to Nick and Steve – Steve had a foot massage and then we had a banana split – except Nick….he was not feeling well. It was so yum! Then it was home in a tuk tuk.

We were supposed to go to a cabaret show, but decided not too. Donna was really sick and so was Nick, so the doctor was called. They had the same as Dougie and I had. Dan, Steve, Dougie and I didn’t want to leave the hotel, well at least Dan, Steve and I didn’t! Dougie had been itching to go to the White Orchid restaurant he had heard about, but Dan didn’t want to leave Nick and Steve didn’t want to leave Donna, so we ate at the Poolside Restaurant. It was lovely. Dan ordered some $50 a bottle wine….very nice.

We were going to play Euchre but when Dan checked on Nick and he wasn’t good, and Donna wasn’t good, so it was off to bed.

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