Day 16 – 6 September -Thursday

I didn’t manage to get back onto the iPad on Wednesday night! We seem to be doing so much!

We went to a restaurant called the Savoey where we had lobster. Oh my goodness! I wouldn’t pick mine out of the tank as I felt I wouldn’t eat it if I met it before! They were huge. We had ordered an entree also, bad move, when we saw the size of the lobster!

My lobster!

I couldn’t eat it all. I felt so bad, but I couldn’t manage.

The weather was really bad and Dan wasn’t feeling well, so we decided to buy some cards and came back to the room for a game of Euchre.

Dan fell asleep in our bed, Donna fell asleep in their room, Dougie, Nick, Steve and I played and really enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday, 6 September

Breakfast and Dan was feeling much better (she was just tired). We went back to our rooms after a leisurely breakfast – around 10.30 am, and had a rest. The. It was off into town and the Stumble Inn for a drink, then the girls went off for shopping etc and we were to meet at the Aussie Bar around 6 pm. We ended up having a facial which was absolutely divine. The bed was so comfortable and the facial awesome, with a body massage included. That was over our clothes, but great. We didn’t start the facials til 6 pm, so a text message was sent to Dougie to let them all know we would be late.

Off to the Aussie Bar and a snack. Dan ordered some potato skins and spring rolls for a snack and a drink. The potato skins were awesome. I haven’t had them like that.

We bought bits and pieces from the locals, Steve and Dougie and maybe Nick had made purchases! It is funny, but sad that they hassle everyone to buy things.

We decided to eat there. Yummo…..Aussie hamburgers, lasagne, bangers and mash plus more potato skins were ordered.

Then…I relented and said I would go to a ping pong show (Danielle hassled me!). We ended up in is sleazy strip club, no ping pong show…..Donna said it was God’s intervention that I didn’t get to the ping pong! We left after having a sip of watered down wine. Dodgy beer! LOL

Another tuk tuk ride home…. The tuk tuk’s really struggle up the hill with all of us on board!

We really enjoyed the day.

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