Day 15/16 – 4/5 September-Tuesday/Wednesday

4 September

Woke up feeling do much better. Went down and had some breakfast, the first food I had eaten in a day or so. Yum! We went down to the tailor and Dougie ordered some pants, shorts and some shirts. Donna and I were going to buy some tops, but when we worked out the price decided against it. We weren’t sure of the fabric and because they were a shirt with a lining and a soft over top, that made them more expensive.

So off into town and the Stumble Inn for a drink (still soft drink for me LOL). Dan, Donna and I went to the Jungceylon and had a hot rocks massage. So, so good! Then we met the boys at the Aussie Bar for a toasted sandwich and a drink. Off home in a tuk tuk, a first for Donna and Steve!!

In the evening we were picked up and taken to Fantasea where we were having dinner and the show. We bought VIP/Gold tickets which included a seafood buffet! So good!

What an amazing place. We walked around and looked at heaps, saw some tigers, elephants, macaw’s and more. Then the show after dinner. Amazing. We so enjoyed ourselves. The highlight for me was holding a tiger cub, feeding it a bottle and having a photo taken. WOW. I will show you or scan it and post it when I get home.

The plan was to go shopping after in Patong but it was late, so we just went to our rooms….

Wednesday 5 September

Up for breakfast and then we were being picked up at 9 am… The taxi’s are in their own zones, and you can’t cross over the zone. We had booked a day tour with Jasmine, and an English speaking driver. I don’t know what happened, but we were into a taxi with a driver from the hotel who had some heated discussion with another taxi driver. Dan was a bit concerned as to where we were being taken! You guessed it, the driver didn’t speak English! we worked out we were being taken to the big Buddha. Once there, Dan phoned Jasmine (who had appeared before the heated discussion) and she assured us he was honest, but could not speak English! Oh dear….anyway, we walked around the big Buddha, then to another temple which was amazing, don’t ask me where it was, then to the gem factory.

That was an experience and the staff really put you off!! They were beside you at all times, obviously on commission. I couldn’t stand it. I looked at a couple of rings, but the hovering got to me!!! None of us bought anything as we all felt the same.

We decided we had had enough of touring so asked the driver to take us back to the hotel. Dougie and Steve opted for a sleep, the rest of us went to the pool, had pizza and a drink. I actually had a glass of bubbly. The first alcohol since I had been sick. I had tried to have a glass last night at the buffet dinner, but couldn’t drink it. Also I have not been able to drink coffee since being sick!!

Up to the room to blog, and now we are off to the tailor to check Dougie’s clothes, then into town for dinner and shopping. Back later……

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