Day 12 – Saturday 1 September

Dougie’s birthday today. He is 66.

the start of sunset, with my water and wine glasses!
Later during the sunset. The photos don’t do it justice,

We both have had ‘the runs’ this morning. I had it yesterday too. Taken some tablets and hope they will do the trick. Dougie has gone to buy some more! Laying low this morning until we leave later for the Cape Sienna. Jasmine (our tour lady) said she would pick us up later this morning.

Can’t wait se see Dan, Nick, Donna and Steve this evening! Hope we are feeling better by then.

Cape Sienna

Images of Kamala beach

Update when we arrive!

Goodbye Patong beach!

Dougie in the tuk tuk after just refusing to pay 1,000 baht to a taxi driver. We got the tuk tuk for 400, but he gave the man 500!

At the Cape Sienna, the tuk tuk

The entrance door to the Cape Sienna

Sitting in the lobby drinking a sweet tea waiting to be taken to our room.

The lotus flower I was presented with.

The cold towels and sweet drink, and the bottles to choose from….I chose revitalizing…not sure what for!

View from the front door of the room.

The lounge area.

View from the balcony.
And now a rest, still feeling wonky in the stomach. Doug has pushed on and is having whiskey and coke, I am going to have a rest and hopefully feel better before everyone else arrives.

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