Day 13-14 – 2/3 September-Sunday/Monday

We went up for a couple of drinks, but came back down to the room before the kids arrived. Dougie was feeling sick. Dan called in but we didn’t catch up until the next morning. Dona and Steve weren’t too happy when their room was a smoking room with single beds and smelled. This was soon rectified and they were into a nice non smoking room. It had been a very long day for them all.

Saturday 2 September…..

We all met for breakfast and everyone was pleased to get together and have a laugh. Dougie still felt sick, so he didn’t join us for a morning swim and drinks in the pool! I wasn’t feeling super good and was drinking fruit cocktails! He came down and sat for a bit by the pool. Then it was off in a taxi into Patong and the girls had a massage and the boys had a drink and a bnit of a snack.

We then went to the Savoey to meet our taxi driver at 4 pm and back to the Cape Sienna, dropping Steve and Nick to the tailor as Steve wanted some clothes made. Jasmine was coming to sort out tours at 5.

We decided to have a snack and a drink at the poolside bar, Perrier water for the girls, beer for Dougie!

Jasmine arrived and we sorted out our tour of the city and a show. Then it was off to freshen up and meet up for a drink and then dinner.

We had 1 drink and then headed down to the restaurant. We ordered a bottle of wine and dinner. I couldn’t finish the second ‘free’ cocktail or my wine. I had my soup and then a couple of mouthfuls of my main and had to come to the room. I felt really sick. Then during the night the diahhorea started….awful! Doug had it too! Not a good night!

Monday 3 September

Danielle phoned the doctor who came quite quickly. We have stomach bugs that need antibiotics. He was very nice, had all the medicine with him. He did ask if I wanted my fluids through a needle, but I opted for the drink. Wasn’t sure if the needle would have been in the rom or atvthevhospital.

I have just rested all day, watched a girlie movie, The Lake, slept. I went down to the pool to meet everyone around 4, had a sparkling water and some dry toast, then back up to the room. I went to meet them for dinner, sat at the table, and then came back to the room.

Dan, Nick, Steve and Donna went into Patong this afternoon. Dougie stayed home. He is feeling better and they may all go into town tonight. Not this little duck.

Some photos from yesterday tomorrow!

Good night!


2 thoughts on “Day 13-14 – 2/3 September-Sunday/Monday

  1. Nothing is worse than being sick when you are away from home. Hopefully by now you will be feeling better and able to enjoy. Just home from Sydney where my father had his pacemaker replaced. Good for another 7 years.

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