Day 11 – Friday 31 August

Sitting in bed with a cup of coffee thanks to Dougie. Can’t believe how much better I feel. I don’t know whether it was the rain plaing havoc with my joints or I had a bug, or what, or whether all the massages have helped. Who knows!!

Having another oil massage this morning and I am going to book another foot massage as well! I bought some of the Tiger Balm they rub on, and I put some on Doug’s shoulder and he put some on my back. Good stuff! His shoulder is the best it has been in over 12 months he tells me. This is the shoulder he has been having cortisone in!

He is off to the Aussie bar to watch Souths this arvo…the pool sounds good to me…..more later….

Well the massage was great and then I had another foot massage. Dougie had a massage and then drank beer whilst I had my foot massage.

Lunch by the pool….soda water for me….Dougie off to the Aussie bar with Richard from Charmhaven, a rest for me and wait for my jacket, which was supposed to be here between 4 and 5 pm. Went to see the guy at 5.15….his brother would bring it soon…within 30 mins. Sure enough it came, I paid for it and then found a table on the sand to watch the sunset.

Dougie and Richard and his wife arrived, drinks and a chat…then they left, Dougie felt sick so he left, and I stayed for a while, then back to the room and I got room service for a meal. Apparently I made too much noise….this is really a case of the pot calling the kettle black…all the mornings I am woken up swith noise….but that of course is another story!

Tomorrow we leave here and off to Cape Sienna at Kamala beach….and the next adventure starts.

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