Day 10 – 30 August and sunny again!

A nice sunny view of the sea at breakfast time yeaterday.

Dougie at breakfast.

We didn’t end up having massages yesterday. I had a swim and Dougie sat by the pool. It was so nice to be in the sun for a change.


The view laying on the chair beside the pool!
I zoomed in from the laying down position!

I went down to the sea, but just had a paddle as there has been so much rubbish on the shore.

We decided against massages and had lunch then a rest, then I sat out in the sun again and had a read of my book. So nice.

I went and saw the tailor at the front of the resort and have ordered a long charcoal woolen coat at a cost of 6,000 baht which is around $180 AUD.

We went for happy hour and met a couple from Charmhaven, which is not far from where mum’s house is. Small world.

Just after 8 the phone rang and off I went for my first fitting. The coat will be ready Fiday afternoon between 4 and 5 pm!


Sunset last night…this is how it should be!

This morning we both had a massage, one after the other, and I am going to have a foot massage. Dougie sort of booked me for the 4 hr deal, but I said no, as I want the foot massage and then a swim. So off I will go very shortly.

The foot massage was awesome. Then off to the pool, drinks, then dinner watching the activities on the beach and then the most gorgeous sunset over the Andaman Sea.

We saw fireworks, paragliders and the antics after a jet ski overturned, between the ones who hired the jet ski and the ones who owned/ hired it out. It capsized!

We have booked massages for 11 am tomorrow. This is the life!


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