Day 01 – 21 August

Wagga Wagga to Sydney

We left Wagga Wagga on time this morning..well a little late, but made up the time. Last night Dougie thought there would be fog, but there wasn’t. Thank goodness! Picked up the Avis car and then off we went.

The day has gone to plan, went to visit Dougie’s dad this morning. He is awesome (93). Telling us stories from the past. He went on a bus trip yesterday and mentioned that no one had heard of Coogee pier….was built in 1928 and destroyed in 1934 (I googled it) he was spot on.

Then off to see eldest daughter Michelle before her eye surgery today.

Off to the motel close to the airport where will have dinner and Dougie’s sister, Margaret will join us for dinner.

Dougie bringing me a coffee at Wagga Wagga airport

Very small room at the motel in Sydney, but it was adequate for thr short time we were there!

A drink before dinner!

We nad a lovely meal and an early night ready for a very early start in the morning.

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